5 Tennissocken Outfits mit denen ihr den Sommer rockt

5 tennis sock outfits to rock the summer with

Tennis socks will be the summer trend 2020 and back in fashion. You can find them not only on the street or on the tennis court, but also show large fashion labels colorful socks on the catwalks of the world. The Tennis socks The trend is more than just wearing a colorful sock: it's about attracting attention and matching colors and patterns individually to the sneakers or clothing. Here are a few examples of the different sock models:

  • the classic, monochrome tennis sock with stripes
  • Socks with sayings
  • Socks with a motif
  • multicolored socks with multiple colors
  • Socks with patterns
  • Logo socks

There are certainly more crazy socks-Combinations. One thing is clear, whoever wears colorful socks makes a statement, stands out from the crowd and shows their own individuality. You find a study why you appear smarter with colorful socks here.



Colorful tennis socks as an eye-catcher

Fancy socks are certainly a trend that applies to both men and women. Which sock color combination suits you best depends on your style. Basically, you can match your socks to your sneakers or match colored socks with your clothes. In the following, we will give you a few tips on how to get the best out of your outfit and what you should definitely not do.

1. Show your socks

Colorful socks are about making a statement and getting noticed. They are a small detail of your outfit, but they can have a big impact. Nevertheless, sometimes less is more, an outfit with an exaggerated number of highlights often looks cheap.

2. Socks and outfit combination

Depending on your own style, you should always make sure that the socks are either the focus or complete your outfit with a color match with your sneakers or tops. Colorful socks can play an interesting factor, especially with black outfits. A basic style, supplemented by striking socks, is immediately upgraded.

3. Matching shoes or sneakers to your tennis socks

You can also upgrade basic sneakers with the right socks and work out your style. Here you should make sure that the colors are coordinated and that the shoes do not completely cover the socks. Color-intensive sneakers such as the Nike Air Max 1/97 "Sean Wotherspoon" can also be wonderfully combined with our socks. Here again it is important to ensure that the socks do not steal the show from the shoe. Therefore, the socks should be rather subtle.

4. Sneaker without socks ???

Better not - we can't find bare feet in sneakers without socks. Because our feet have a particularly large number of sweat glands, which means that on average around 50-60ml of sweat ends up in the shoe. This will cause bacteria to accumulate and your sneakers will start to smell. The best tips for the right sneaker care and how you can Wash sneakers and sneakers properly can be found here. If you still prefer a style without visible socks, you should look to our invisible, non-slip booties To fall back on.


Now to the 5 colorful tennis sock outfits that we promised you:

How to combine tennis socks outfit no.1 Basic sock style for everyday life

The basic style is about clear lines in the sense of a Scandinavian look. Characteristic here are, for example, white sneakers with colored tennis socks combined with slightly washed-out jeans and a white T-shirt. This style is equally suitable for men and women without being too bulky and is perfect for everyday wear.


How to combine tennis socks outfit # 2 - retro sock style

The retro look has been back in fashion in recent years and embodies the origin of the skate and street styles of the 70s and 80s with the long, pulled-up socks. The look is based on Vans or similar sneakers, which can be perfectly combined with colorful tennis socks of all kinds thanks to their mostly monochrome look. The skater girl look is enhanced for women by hotpans and XXL logo shirts from e.g. Thrashers, rounded off to the perfect street style. Men combine the retro sock style best with short, knee-length shorts which are then turned inside out twice.


How to combine tennis socks outfit # 3 - pinroll socks combination

A pinroll is a certain way of rolling up trousers so that they fit perfectly on the leg just above the ankle. This Trent developed a few years ago and has so far mainly been worn with socks. With the advent of tennis socks, however, the Trent is also very effective here, as the colorful socks are perfectly presented by rolling them up. The style can best be implemented with relatively tightly cut (slim fit) jeans or chinos, i.e. trousers made of stiffer material. It can also be used perfectly with shirts or blouses as an everyday look and complemented by collage or bomber jackets. Like a perfect one Pinroll is made you find here. 


How to combine tennis socks outfit # 4 - urban jogging style

The 80s are back and with them jogging pants and training jackets with colored stripes that can also be worn outside the sports field. And where we are already in the 80s, the tennis sock should not be missing. The more conspicuous the sweatpants, the simpler the retro sports socks should be. This principle should be adhered to in order not to sprint completely past the goal of a successful look. The socks can be worn both over and under sports pants. Just like it was quite common in the 80s.


How to combine tennis socks outfit number 5 - the jogging pants style

Not to be confused with the jogging pants made of synthetic fibers are the jogging pants which are a mix of jogging and chinos or cargo pants. The jogging pants are made of sturdy fabric with ribbed cuffs. This style is very similar to the pin roll look, but is much more casual due to the rather wide cut pants. Sneakers and tennis socks can be freely combined with the color of the jogging pants and best matched with the color of the hoody.


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