Socken beim Sex? Studie sagt JA!

Socks during sex? Study says YES!

Wearing socks during sex was controversial for a long time and was branded as very unsexy. A new study could lead to this attitude possibly changing. We wouldn't mind because we're the socks of absolute shit anyway!

Sex with Socks Study

Researchers from the University of Groningen found that 80% of couples achieved orgasm while wearing socks, while only 50% reached the peak without socks.

So wearing socks during sex is not only perfectly fine, it can make sex even better.

Your reasoning is simple: wearing socks not only helps to keep you warm, but also to dilate the blood vessels in your feet, which allows for improved blood flow. This not only helps you to doze faster, but also facilitates world-moving orgasms.

Well, that should make the matter clear ;) We have nothing more to add to the sex with socks study.