Bunte Socken machen uns schlauer???

Coloured socks make us more smart???

Harvard study confirms: Men and women with coloured socks look more intelligent!

We always knew this our customer the most smart are! Men and women who carry coloured socks should work supposedly more intelligently on others!

Now Yes, even if we ours to mad socks and Füßlinge love, we ourselves were sceptical a little bit, even if this acceptance meets us of course. However, a scientific study Harvard business School booked, that people with extravagant clothes as for example coloured socks when are estimated more smartly and successful.

The study with the title"The Red Sneaker Effect" shows that people appear in a serious sphere intentionally in immoderate clothes, from the other persons present a higher level is ascribed. Who possibly with Sneakern, to coloured tennis socks and suit to a wedding seems signalled: „I can afford to walk around thus.“

Who can wants to look a little more smart now also to himself with pleasure with us cover! If you, however, in a bank work we take over no job guarantee;)