Design Contest 2020

Design Contest 2020

Just like last year we decided to organize a small design contest for 2020.

Everybody who wanted to take part in the contest could submit their own ideas of a perfect crew sock. After the 2-week design phase the team J.Clay took some days to select the top 10 designs.

After the 2-week design phase, Team J.Clay took a few days to select the top 10 designs.

Last year's winner design, the "F**K BREXIT" sock is still well remembered by all of us. The new contenders for the title therefore did not have an easy time competing against such a strong and very time-related Sock design.

In the end there was a very close race to the top. The "T-Rex" socks and the "Play Your Game" socks fought a tough battle. But in the end only one could win. With a gap of just 0.6%, "Cyp'" from France won with his "PLAY YOUR GAME" socks design.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sock designers for their participation and of course all those who voted.