Füßlinge vs. Sneaker Socken

Feet vs. Sneaker Socks

What are feet?

feet, are short Socks you don't see in your shoe. In English, therefore, they are also "invisible socks" (invisible socks) or "no show socks". The original idea was that short socks for open shoes.

Nobody wants slipping socks and certainly not with feet, therefore you should always Feet that don't slip Make! The best feet, have a silicone gel pad.

The Silicone strips are attached to the inner heel, prevent the sock from slipping and act as bale pads at the same time.

What are sneaker socks?

Sneaker socks are just like feet short socks, but with the difference that you can always make them something out of the shoe can be seen flashing out.

The origin of Sneaker Socks is the idea of a short sports sock made of purely functional is slightly higher than with feet. Sneaker socks with silicone are therefore also rather rare, as they have their basic shape already have a good seat.

When do you wear feet and when do you wear sneakers?

Feet that do not slip have been an absolute "must have" for girls and women for several years now, because you have just open shoes can only carry with feet.

But they have also become increasingly important for men of late. The reason for this is the Sneaker hype in recent years, which has led to the former "street sneakers" now being recreated as a style element be staged.

Sneaker with long colorful tennis socks, or invisible socks (feet) can be used without any problem for short Cargo pants, long jeans or even to the suit.

The sneaker sock, on the other hand, often looks like an optical error, as it does not match both colour and shape. can be tolerated by any shoe. Sneaker Socks are from our point of view, therefore the better choice for the sport. Booties the better Choice for leisure and everyday life.