Die Hilfssocke für das Recht auf Bildung

The support sock for the right on education

Do you know it when a friend tells you something and you think: "This is exactly my thing". This is what happened to us when we first heard about the Makuyuni aid project.

For a long time we had been thinking of supporting a non-profit organization with J.Clay. With the large number of NGOs (non-governmental organizations), it was very difficult for us to choose, because somehow there is always a strange feeling about what exactly happens to the donations. This thought was blown away when we got to know the founders of Makuyuni e.V., Andreas Klein and Jan Grandisch, and they told us about their project.

What is Makuyuni anyway?

This is how Makuyumi himself describes his project

Makuyuni e.V. is a private organization in Germany that campaigns for the right to education all over the world. Our goal "Education for everyone!" For us, this means giving 264 million people worldwide an opportunity to receive education. Because education is a human right! We started in Makuyuni, Tanzania, hence our organization bears this name.

Andy and Jan, two boys from Cologne with whom one would like to have a beer with, and their steadily growing team of people like you and me, collect donations to build schools for Masai children in Tanzania. Everything under the motto "Education is a human right".

Makuyuni is doing his part so that 4 million children in Tanzania also have the opportunity to write their names, read a book and understand the world, or to realize their dream job.

The special thing about it all is that 100% of the donations also arrive on site because the members all work on a voluntary basis.

How do you even come up with the idea of ​​founding your own charity?

In 2017 Jan worked as a volunteer for a small association in Makuyuni / TANZANIA. His project leader was Lalahe, a Maasai who campaigns for his community, especially to give Maasai children access to education. A deep friendship developed between the two.

Jan taught for 4 weeks in Makuyuni, at a school that was mainly financed by donations from volunteers. He was overwhelmed by the children's zest for life and the motivation to learn. Back in Germany, he euphorically told his friend Andy about the idea of ​​promoting the development process.

Fixed by Jan's stories, Andy packed his backpack, flew to Tanzania and returned with even more impressions and visions to be implemented. After several weeks of intensive research and leafing through law books, Makuyuni was registered as a non-profit association based in Cologne in 2018.

Since then two schools have been completed. A well is currently being built for the Makuyuni community and 27 association members are now actively involved, all of them enjoying the good cause.

Team Makuyuni in Tanzania
School kids in a school build by Makuyuni
School building in Tanzania

Why do we want to support Makuyuni e.V.?

We admire the drive of the entire team and the success they have achieved so far. Everyone in the team is volunteering and using all the donations collected to implement the projects. We would also like to support this and have therefore decided to design a great sock and donate the entire profit for the construction of a primary school to Makuyuni e.V.

With the purchase of the Makuyuni sock you not only have a cool fashion accessory, but you are also helping to pave a better future for children in Tanzania.