Sucuk Socken J.Clay

J.Clay x Hikmet "Sucuk Socks"

Sucuk socks

A few days ago, the first launch of our 2018 Socks collection  was announced and made the rounds in the social networks. None less than Hikmet Sugoer  we were able to win for our first Collabo 2018. He is known throughout Europe as the founder of Solebox, sneaker designer and sneaker collector.

 Even after leaving Solebox in 2015, he made his own sneaker label Sonra and his “I feel like Hikmet“Website continues to have a name. His “Süprim” and “Sucuk” Apparels, which have now become a cult and pay homage to the hype of the “Supreme” brand, are the hangers for ours Collabo socks, As big fans, we are honored to have this collection with our “J.Clay x Hikmet Sucuk socks" to complete. The limited “Sucuk Socks” are expected to be available at the end of February 2018  as well as be available on