Neue Socken Kollektion 2018

New socks collection in 2018

is coming Soon, the new J. Clay socks collection is launched and you can now already on many of the new Designs to look forward to.

The socks collection, socks, as usual, from our typical high level of tennis, as well as our non-slip socks / Sneaker socks are made. In the process, we will also this season is no difference between men's socks and women's socks and all the socks in the sizes 35 to 46 offer.

In the case of the tennis socks we have, as in the last year, both plain and striped socks as well as elaborately colorful socks with quotations and new patterns for you.

The usual high quality, breathable materials and is the perfect Stop in this season for our socks off, both as a running socks, tracking socks, Fitness socks, and in General as a sport sock can be used.

One of our Highlights is, as already announced, a Sucuk socks Collabo with Hikmet Sugoer. The socks are kept in the usual Sucuk Red/ White Design and carry a Couple of the Sonra Logo on one side and the J. Clay Logo on the other side.

Also in the case of the socks we are the high quality and the usual Features such as silicone padding in the inner heel for a non Slip sock, and thus a very good Grip is maintained.

In terms of Design, our Sneaker socks by the alignment of our high socks to be a lot more interesting, since we are now here with quotes and sayings work.