Neue Socken-Marke aus dem Nordpark

New brand of socks from Nordpark

Less than a month after the opening of the online shop, we had our first small article in the Rheinische Post. Thank you at this point to the FP and Mr Schnettler.

Jan Silanoglu, Felix and Moritz Otten are children of the 80s. The two 32-year-olds grew up at a time when commercial "sneakers" became cool sneakers and a whole culture arose around it: skateboard, basketball, hip-hop music. And of course you need socks for sneakers. Either "invisible" ending at the heel, or as conspicuous or colorful as possible. "Socks are not only important to Nicholas or for the bank robbery," Silanoglu says with a laugh.


But the two friends were not satisfied with what was on the market, both in terms of both quality and comfort. "There are many manufacturers that offer socks with colorful rings or dots on them - but not ones that really fit the sneaker culture perfectly," otten says. So they decided to launch their own sneaker sock brand. And just a few months later, "J. Clay" has recently launched - with 21 performances. "A Christmas edition is already in production," says Silanoglu.


Their "invisibles", they say, can now be worn for a day, for example, without having to follow them up: "We designed the silicone pads with the suppliers in such a way that the sock does not slip." Orders, also from the international area, already exist via the newly opened online shop, and the retail distribution channel is also wanted and will be further expanded. Contacts and the corresponding attention were generated in advance via social media.


The structures of Line Up Handels GmbH, the company of Silanoglu's parents, in which he also works and which has decades of experience in China, were certainly not insignificant. The J. Clay socks are also manufactured in China. This would, for example, give the possibility to produce socks on behalf of customers. The aim, however, is to establish your own brand - and to strengthen the reputation of the product Sock. "We want to make sure that they are not just a takeaway item that is in front of the cash register in a pack of five, but that people go to buy socks in a targeted way," says Silanoglu.


"J. Clay" is a fictitious name. "He's an alter ego for everyone who identifies with our product," Otten says. "It stands for individuality, free spirit and the possibility to perfectly complement your own style." The eye in the logo, on the other hand, means "vision".