Pin Roll Guide

Pin Roll Guide

What is a Pin Roll? What do I have to consider when rolling up the trousers and which socks fit the pinrolling

To roll up your trousers and have the matching socks to sneakers is not to be Comeback of the tennis sock fully on trend again. The right roll-up of the trousers is called Pinroll and is actually quite simple with the right technique. For pinnrolling, the jeans must be folded at the bottom of the ankle in order to Sneakers and tennis socks make it visible. For a long time pinrolling was only popular among sneakerheads, but especially with new socks trends that one wants to show, the trend continues to prevail.

We will answer the most important questions about Pin Roll: 

  • How does a real pin roll - turn the jeans right
  • Where does the Pin Roll Trend come from
  • Which trousers are suitable for perfect pinrolling?
  • The right socks for your pin roll?
  • 7 tips to keep in mind when prolling pinrolls


How does a real pin roll - turn the jeans right

  1. On the inside, you first pull your jeans together so that a fold forms out of the rest of your jeans.

  2. Now you put this wrinkle backwards and put it on your leg.

  3. In the next step, make sure you hold the fold while sticking the jeans from bottom to top for the first time.

  4. Repeat point 3 again. Now the pants would have to hold on by themselves.

  5. To be absolutely sure, we would change the jeans again so that the pin roll doesn't go up.

Watch the following video to see exactly how a perfect pin roll is made.


Where does the Pin Roll Trend come from

If you look at Instagram and see every 17-year-old sneakerhead running around with a pin roll, you might almost think the trend is something completely new. In truth, it's like most things in fashion. Everything comes back and so it is with the pinroll. It is said that the first pinrollers ran through the area as early as the 1950s. It is clear that in the 1970s at the latest, stars such as John Travollter Pin Roll and was also considered a kind of style. This trend is also resumed in the 1980s and, together with white Tennis socks continued by bands such as New Kids On The Block. So the trend of the last few years has actually been around for a very long time and is being revisited again and again.


Which trousers are suitable for perfect pinrolling?

To get a pin roll correctly, there are actually only three rough rules that you should consider when choosing your pants.

  1. The trousers should not be too thick in terms of material. Thick materials complicate the pin roll and make the resulting bead very thick, which in most cases does not look good.

  2. The trousers should not be too smooth. Jeans are best used for pinrolling, as they have a rough surface and thus become more intertwined. With Chinos, that's already heavier, but isnot impossible.

  3. The trousers should not be too far. A pair of jeans that are very wide cut can be pinned, but just looks shit. Be careful, therefore, that the trousers are cut narrow (but not too skinny).


The right socks for your pin roll?

Wearing the right socks when wearing a pin roll divides opinions. Classic, the pin roll with invisible Füßlingen so that the ankle between trousers and shoe is on view. Since the re-emergence of the Retro tennis socks However, the pin roll is also absolutely trendy with tennis socks. Here, the sock acts primarily as an eye-catcher instead of the ankle. Colorful socks combined for sneakers and staged with a good pin roll are therefore no problem. However, if you prefer the classic version, you should avoid wearing sneakers socks that look out of your shoe. And better on Feet you don't see Change.



7 tips to keep in mind when rolling pins

Some things we have already mentioned above, but here we want to summarize it again for you.

  1. The pinroll should always be folded on the inside of your jeans. This looks better, because the bulge of the fold is so little or less visible.

  2. Make sure your pants aren't too tight, but pin rolling is all about tightening your pants down. With skinny jeans, this is usually not really possible and would hardly make sense.

  3. Don't wear pants that's too baggy if you want to make a pinroll. Trousers that are too far look like a pump pants from an MC Hammer video afterwards. Luckily, the trend hasn't made it back to ;)

  4. Your jeans should not be too short. If your jeans are short before turning around, it will probably look like a flood or three-quarter pants after the pin roll.

  5. Too long trousers are just as not suitable, because you Colorful tennis socks or ankles. A pin roll in a long pair of trousers just falls down and doesn't look good.

  6. Not every sneaker can be Pin Roll Socks Combine. High basketball shoes just don't make sense and are therefore more of the wrong choice.

  7. Sneakers and socks combined should result in a unit. Sneaker socks that flash out of the shoe you should avoid and prefer Feet you don't see Use.


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