Sneaker Socken die man nicht sieht

Sneaker socks you don't see

Having the right socks for your sneakers is almost standard today. Because anyone who was walking barefoot in the summer without sneakers socks in their shoes knows that it simply cannot be done without socks. But what to do if the Sneaker Socks look out of the shoe?

Sneaker socks you don't see are an absolute must for anyone who travels in the summer. Because flashing high sneakers socks looks really shit in most cases. But what do you call very short socks? Very short socks that you don't see in the shoe are either short sneakers socks or also referred to as feet.

We believe that these short sneakers socks or just Booties are the best choice for summer as they disappear completely invisible in the shoe.


Short sneaker socks that don't slip

Especially in summer, when you are travelling a lot, it is a torment when the short sneaker socks slip in the shoe. Feet that do not slip or non-slip sneaker socks are therefore the most important to spend the day without annoying slipping of the socks. But which socks don't slide? There are many approaches to prevent the sneaker socks from slipping, but few manufacturers combine several solutions to offer really non-slip feet.

3 quality features why J.Clay sneaker socks don't slip

In order to J.Clay Feet do not slip off the foot, these have 3 essential properties that conventional feet do not possess.

  • First of all, our sneaker socks are optimized by an intelligent cotton blend so that they are almost unleashed. This factor plays a decisive role and often leads to the slipping of the socks after the first wash.

  • Factor two is a special Y-seam, which leads to more space for the heel in our socks, making the feet even better snuggled to the heel.

  • Last but not least, 3 silicone strips or gel pads are used in the inner heel, which make the slipping of the socks almost impossible.

Colorful sneaker socks

Sneaker socks for women or men are in most cases white or black. But just like with Long Socks, the trend towards colorful socks is also trending. Some people will now ask themselves what you need colorful sneaker socks that you don't need to see? And of course this question is justified, because of course you don't see feet in your shoe and you shouldn't see them. On the other hand, especially in private everyday life, there are always situations where you take off your sneakers with friends and then still stand there with a cool sneaker sock. So the trend isn't so stupid ;)


Is it possible to wear long socks in summer or rather feet?

Of course, it is up to everyone to choose which length of socks they wear. From our point of view, both are currently possible. Both short Sneaekr socks and feet, as well as long tennis socks. As Trend for 2020 are tennis socks in any case, at the very top of the table. As early as the 1980s, the Old school tennis socks or skate socks to the absolute trend. We have taken up this trend, but do not want to jump on the "Happy Happy" train in terms of design, but rather give our socks a unique urban old-school look with statement.


Sport socks as quality standard

Socks that can be worn every day must be durable and of good quality. Whether short or long must not run in or break after a few washings. Our short and long socks are made from highest quality and consist of a breathable material. Thus, we combine the best features of a good sport sock in a sock for your sneakers.

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