Socken für Sneaker

Socks for sneakers

Better socks for sneakers! Cool socks with high quality for your sneakers!

How did J.Clay Socks come into being? On the one hand, we dealt with sneakers and the associated scene every day and saw in J.Clay a way to pursue our passion professionally. On the other hand, we had the feeling that most of the Socks and feet that we wore to our sneakers was a bunch of quality shit!

No fit, no comfort, no quality!

In the summer of 2016 we decided to do things differently and create socks that deserve our beloved sneakers! Socks that can be worn every day, have a perfect fit, breathable and have the best characteristics of a Sport Socks with the high quality a casual sock.

In terms of design, we don't want to jump on the "Happy Happy" bandwagon, but give our socks a unique urban old-school look with a statement.
All in all, we want to Socks and feet which are the perfect complement to any sneaker.

If you want to know more about J.Clay and how we conquer the world,
Stay tuned!