Summer Cem x J.Clay Collabo

Summer Cem x J.Clay Collabo

Our first Collabo in 2019 we share with one of the most enduring Deutschrap-Artists of the last years. With the singles release "Tamam Tamam" of the album "Endstufe", Summer Cem celebrated one of his most recent successes in the last year.


Summer Cems Short Biography

Summer Cem grew up just like the team J.Clay, in the early 80s in Mönchengladbach. In 2003, Cem became a supporting artist on Eko Freshs records, and soon he signed with the label A German Dream. In 2010, Summer Cem released the album "Feierabend". In 2012, Cem released the album "Sucuk & Champagner", which climbed into the top ten of the German album charts and became a breakout hit in Austria and Switzerland.

In 2013, Summer Cem released his third album Babas, Barbies & Bargeld, which became a top 5 hit in Germany. The title was later changed in Babas, Doowayst & Cash, ostensibly to avoid legal problems with the manufacturers of Barbie dolls. At the end of 2014, he released the album "Hak", which debuted in fifth place on the German charts. With the album "Cemesis", released in 2016 and the album "Endstufe", released in 2018, on which the song also appeared. J.Clay Custome Sock "Tamam Tamam" is to be found, he finally rose up to the Oberlieger of the Deutschrap-Artists.

If he is not busy with his own work, Summer Cem often writes for other artists and only brought out the Singel "DNA" together with KC Rebell and Capital Bra just 2 days ago.