Flanko x J.Clay Socks Auxiliary Project

Tennis socks for a good cause! Flanko x J. Clay

When the Corona crisis worsened in Germany, we as Team J.Clay were asked by an agency from Cologne for a special sock project.

From the appeal of the federal government to every citizen to stay at home if possible, the campaign arose that wanted to draw attention to the fact that there are many people out there who don't even have a roof over their heads, let alone a home. People on the run who don't know where they would sleep tomorrow.

"We have to stay at home, others have no home"

Under the motto “We have to stay at home, others don't have a home”, we developed, together with Flanko and the merch agency MOWE from Cologne, a white tennis sock that can be used as a pre-order sock on the Imbiss-flanko.de Website as well as on the J.Clay website.

50% of the proceeds from each pair of socks will be donated (after sales) to the aid organizations Viva con Agua and Sea Watch.

But what exactly is Flanko?

Behind the name “FLANKO” are “Branko” and “Flimmy”, two DJs from Cologne who met 20 years ago in the village on the Lower Rhine. As small artists, they too are affected by the current situation. Nevertheless, with your FLANKO MERCH you also want to help those who are a lot worse off than us.