Turnschuhe und Sneaker richtig waschen

Wash sneakers and sneakers properly

How you clean your sneakers and sneakers depends mainly on your model and the material. Some sneakers can be easily washed in the washing machine, other high-priced or limited-edition sneakers should be carefully washed by hand wash. We will show you what you have to look for when washing your sneakers and how you get your sneakers clean with the right home remedies and little tricks.

8 tips on how to wash your sneakers and sneakers:

  1. Can sneakers be put in the washing machine?
  2. Sneaker by hand wash so goes
  3. Care sneakers properly with impregnation spray for shoes
  4. Clean dirty sneakers sole?
  5. What can be done if the sneakers stink?
  6. Cleaning laces?
  7. Professional sneaker cleaning from the professional
  8. Professional washing and care products for your sneakers

Can sneakers be put in the washing machine?

Whether or not to put sneakers in the washing machine is an issue where there is a lot of potential for discussion. Of course, it depends first and foremost on what material your sneaker is made of in order to be allowed into the washing machine at all. Leather or suede shoes should not be cleaned in washing machine but always by hand. Washing sneakers made of fabric and synthetic fibres in the washing machine is not a problem at first. Nevertheless, one should be aware that some parts, such as the sole in sneakers, are glued together and this glue can be permanently dissolved by washing machine cleaning.

Tips for: "Wash shoes in the washing machine"

If you choose to clean in the washing machine, you should consider the following:

  • remove coarse dirt from the sneaker with a sponge or brush
  • Select a washing program with a low temperature of 30 or 40 degrees (schongang)
  • Check sneakers for washing machine suitability (leather or poaching shoes should preferably not be in the washing machine)
  • Remove laces and insoles
  • do not use a softener or aggressive additives
  • optional use hygiene washers (against odours and bacteria)
  • Pack sneakers into textile bags or add towels so that the shoe does not beat the drum.
  • the more often you throw your sneakers into the washing machine, the more the material (plastic, leather, glued sole, etc.) suffers and the shoes break faster.
  • Do not overdo it and clean your sneakers by hand wash, this is gentler for the shoes and so you have longer something of the shoes

Sneaker by hand wash so it goes!

Now we come to clean the sneakers without throwing them into the washing machine and, in case of doubt, break them. In the end, of course, it is a matter of contamination, but you should always proceed carefully when cleaning the shoe.

10 tips for washing shoes by hand washing

  • Remove laces and insole before washing
  • Scrub dirt with a soft brush
  • not a strong scrubbing but rather repeat the process several times
  • Use lukewarm water (not too hot)
  • do not use home remedies as they could harm the sneaker due to possible solvents. Use professional shoe cleaner (such as Jason Markk products)
  • Dry shoes with cloth. For leather and suede sneakers, pat off
  • Stuff sneakers with newsprint to pull moisture out of the shoe
  • not dry on the heater or in the oven
  • dry in the sun


Care sneakers properly with impregnation spray for shoes

Even if it is annoying at the beginning and you prefer to wear your new sneakers immediately, you should take your time and impregnate your shoes properly. Your sneaker will thank you, because faster than you think there are spots that doesn't only apply to white sneakers. But which impregnation spray is the right one? In this respect, all the big and also many of the smaller manufacturers promise what they keep. From our experience, both the "Carbon Pro Spray from Collonil" and the "Ultimate Spray from Crep Protect" are very well suited to protect your favorite sneakers and allow dirt and moisture to bead off easily. However, this protection is not for ever, so it should be renewed regularly depending on the frequency of shoe use and the weather. For the impregnation of pure leather and suede shoes, most manufacturers offer special leather impregnation spray that gives these shoes even better protection.


Clean dirty sneakers sole?

Even if you are very careful, there are always situations in which the sole of a shoe gets dirty. To clean the sole of the shoe you don't need expensive equipment. First, brush the light superficial dirt with a brush without much pressure. It is also important to ensure that the brush is not too hard. We don't want to scratch the sole of the shoe. In the next step, we use warm water, some detergent and a sponge or rag to clean the sole. If after the first two steps, there are still black straps on the sole, we can simply use an eraser to remove all the leftovers.


Clean dirty sneakers sole?

Even with shoes that smell, good precautions apply. Because the problem with smelly sneakers in most cases, the sweat feet create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This can be counteracted above all by breathable socks with a high cotton content.

Home remedies when shoes stink - No.1

Unfortunately, socks are often not enough as a precaution. If there is still sport in the sneakers, it is hard to avoid that the shoes start to stink. Often one hears that then only shoe spray or shoe deo should help against smelly sneakers. Unfortunately, however, they do not eliminate the problem, but only put a scent over the smell. But it's also easier! The absolute home remedy is to put the sneakers in a plastic bag and off into the freezer. The bacteria responsible for the stench die and the smell is neutralized.

Home remedies when shoes stink - No.2

If you don't have a place in the freezer, you can use the following home remedy against smelly shoes. Simply sprinkle 1 tbsp baking powder, soda or cat litter into the shoe. All three agents can bind odors by pulling moisture out of the shoe. The next day just soak up with a vacuum cleaner and the stench is past.

Cleaning laces?

Laces should always be removed before washing your sneakers. Because even under the laces dirt often accumulates and is not properly removed. But how exactly do I clean the laces if I don't want to wash them with my shoe? Laces can be washed both in the washing machine and by hand. If solution one is to put the laces in a laundry bag, otherwise they could be lost in the washing machine. For the second solution by hand washing, it is sufficient in most cases to simply place the laces in a glass with detergent. After a few hours, the dirt dissolves almost by itself and you have clean laces.

Professional sneaker cleaning from the professional

Of course, there are always cases where a conventional cleaning like the one can do it at home is no longer enough. Proper handling of different materials can also be a major problem. If you don't know exactly how to proceed, you can scratch the shoe, make the leather or make other mistakes.

It is often worthwhile to bring a professional with experience on board and leave him the professional cleaning of your sneakers. But to whom can you entrust your sneakers, who understands what he does? And where can I get a reasonable sneaker cleaning at a good price?

At this point we can only speak from our own experience and lie down here with the service of Sneakercleanik.com to the heart. The 3 boys and girls specialize in the washing, cleaning and care of sneakers and also offer other services, such as loosening and changing the sole. Your sneakers are in good hands, as the team of sneaker cleanse comes from the sneaker scene itself, and thus know how to deal with the treasures of others.

Professional washing and care products for your sneakers

As already mentioned, there are many good toiletries to wash your sneakers and keep them in perfect condition. Often home remedies are enough to wash your sneakers and keep them clean. Nevertheless, we have below some products that we can recommend from our own experience. Conveniently, there are sneaker care kits from all the vendors listed here that include all the important products.

Recommended sneaker toiletries:

We hope we could give you some good tips on how to wash your sneakers best.