Das Comeback der weißen Tennissocken

The comeback of the tennis socks

The white tennis sock which became in the 80s of Boris Becker, John McEnroe and Steffie Graf the trend is there again and starts her triumphal procession. The coloured socks could become the trend of the summer, 2020 and the look him 80th by coloured ones Tennis socks styles complement.


The 80th are again on the advance and with her the coloured tennis sock!

Long, long it is, in the 80s as a skateboard to laying Rodney garden peats, TV shows like the prince of Bel air and tennis stars like Boris Becker, to white tennis socks made the status symbol.

The retro tennis socks were not to be imagined as not existing by the street and in the most different genres home. Thus the socks were a part the hip-hop movement and here also till the 90th a firm component. Also to Skateboarden tennis socks set up as a skat socks and were road companions of a whole generation.


However, like the life so plays every trend comes sometime to his end and thus the tennis sock disappeared in the end of the 90s and only hard-boiled remained to her loyal.

At last became the white one Sock even as an especially bad style considered unacceptable and the combination of tennis sock with sandals as the worst German signboard beschmunzelt. Even with the sport they disappeared to white tennis socks and if socks and Füßlinge were edged out by short Sneaker.


The tennis sock is back!

For some years the new one draws itself Trend towards the tennis sock besides, again from and tennis socks turn out combination-strong classic. She is able to last rolled up trousers, raised to the short trousers, about the jogging trousers as well as as an absolute eye-cacher are carried to rock and dress.

However, not only in the everyday life it is long tennis sock again come. Also with the sport, in the fitness studio, as a skat socks or as run socks the retro socks experience her comeback.

You find 5 retro tennis socks of outfit for the summer here

Retro tennis socks in white or Brightly

White tennis sock are the classic and also now again completely in the trend. However, if to you is too dull, the new trend offers infinite possibilities. The retro tennis sock of the summer comes not only to white with ringlets, as well as we know them.

Also new colour interpretations, as well as quotations and sayings enrich the variety. Tennis socks with statement, so-called statement socks, as we have known it up to now only from T-shirts, promise even more individuality.


To skat socks or tennis socks?

basically socks and tennis socks are to skat historically seen the same product. The origin lies with the Old School tennis sock for the sport was so developed that she differently nestles up than customary socks perfectly against the foot and gets by the ribs above the ankle a still better hold.

Other sports have first used for a purpose not intended this sock and have developed later for her own sport.


Thus socks at the heart of tennis socks are, for example, basketball which in the course of the time were developed. Alike it also behaves with skat the socks which were discovered by Skateboardern in the end of the 70s.

To skat socks if socks have not developed, however, differently than basketball in the measure and resemble the classical tennis sock even more than modern tennis socks today act.

Sandals with tennis socks

in more different long frowned upon trend closely with the 80s and the retro tennis socks hangs together this year also finds out his revival. Sandals with tennis socks was already very argumentative in the 80s, in 2020 trend finds out of the Adiletten socks, nevertheless, his new climax.

Since now not only old men or lifeguards may stand with sandals with tennis socks in the pelvic edge. The urbane style is to be seen above all in cities and is carried as a careless everyday look on the street.


Tennis socks or Füßlinge

How with new trends is always, it does not give of course to him or other immediately on the retro socks train wants to jump up. To everybody it is natural overlooked whether he to themselves with the sock trend cannot make friends or just.

The coloured tennis socks become the present styles, Sneaker withFüßlingen to carry, edge out not simply overnight. Even more we assume from the fact that both directions will exist side by side and one decides according to mood and outfit on Füßlinge or tennis socks.

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