The life is too short
for dull socks!

Get the suitable socks to your style.

Get the fitting ones
Socks to your style.

high quality

perfect hold

For your Syle


  • If you search socks to yours
    Style fit?
  • If you search socks from high one
  • Socks more are than her
    Sweat catcher in your Sneakern?

The life is too short for socks in the 10th stack!

The Bitch do not do in micron Vibe Tennsisocken the absolute best-sellers are a Sock of J.Clay.
With the sock BDKMV J.Clay has anew invented the white tennis sock and one
absolutely legendary sock create.


For most people socks are an insignificant garment, however, most people also know the feeling if the socks slide in the course of the day in the shoe. A high-quality sock from J.Clay sits perfectly and the whole day. No tiresome one get lumpy of the socks in the shoe,nobody the continuing pull up.

Socks from J.Clay are very pleasant to carry and are by her material mix from 80% Cotton, mixed with 20% Synthetic fibres, very robustly and, hence, more long-lasting than cheap socks of the pole.

J.Clay Tennis socks look not only sporty and, hence, fit perfectly to your Sneakern, but also unite the best qualities of a sports sock with the comfort of a high-quality everyday sock.

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