Design your own socks!

Enter the J.Clay Design Contest 2021 now and design your
own J.Clay socks.

Register here

Sign up and submit your design by February 24.

Battle Votings

Battel voting will take place on Instagram starting March 01.


The winner of the 2021 J.Clay Design Contest will be announced on March 07!

How can I participate?

You can register for the J.Clay Design Contest 2021 via the registration form.
Once you have done this successfully, you will receive an email with all relevant information and a "work sheet" to submit your designs.

What are the requirements?

Anyone can participate in the J.Clay Design Contest 2021. The use of graphic programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop, is not mandatory, but can be an advantage. You are also welcome to submit hand drawings.

What can I win?

The grand prize of the J.Clay Design Contest 2021 is the production of your own socks. You will receive 10 pairs of these socks as a prize.

In addition, the 4 semi-finalists will receive three more pairs of J.Clay socks, which can be freely chosen.

How will the winners be determined?

After the deadline on 24.02.2021, all designs will be pre-selected by Team J.Clay and works with inappropriate or unfeasible designs will be sorted out.

The top 8 designs will be posted online for everyone to vote on after the pre-selection.

This year, the voting process will take place via Battle Voting in our Instagram Stories. Your design will be put up for vote against another design in the battle.
If your design wins, it will be in the next round. There will be three rounds in total.

How do I submit my design?

Your designs must be submitted as a PDF or image file by e-mail by 24.02.2021 (you will find the e-mail address for this in the registration documents). You can of course submit multiple designs to increase your chances.

As a template, you will receive a "work sheet" from us on which you can create your design. (One work sheet per design)
Optionally, you can also submit a mockup (photorealistic representation) for a better representation of your work. You will receive a mockup together with all other files as a download after your registration.


All submitted designs will be checked by us for their feasibility! Therefore, there are a few points to note:

  • Pixel images in the form of photographs are just like color gradients not convertible.
  • Graphics with too detailed elements could break away due to the knitted structure (similar to a pixel graphic) and cannot be implemented.
  • Creations with inappropriate, racist or vulgar textual statements and images will be excluded immediately.
  • Copyrighted graphics, logos or other copyrighted elements that you do not own the rights to use will be excluded from the Design Contest.
  • By registering for the J.Clay Design Contest 2021 you grant J.Clay GmbH & Co. Kg the right to publish your designs and to produce them if necessary.

Private data required for registration will of course only be processed in connection with the contest

Timing at a glance:

Registration & submission: 08.02. - 24.02.21

Pre-selection of the top 8 by J.Clay: 25.02. - 28.02.21

Voting on Instagram: 01.03. - 07.03.21

Announcement of the winner: 07.03.21

J.Clay Design Contest Winner 2020

In 2020 the Frenchman Cyp won
with his "Play Your Game" design and left several competitors behind.

J.Clay Design Contest Winner 2019

2019 won Domink Z. aka. FreeDom with his "F**K BREXIT" design and hit the hit with it exactly the nerve of the time.

J.Clay Design Contest Winner 2019

2019 won Domink Z. aka. FreeDom with his "F**K BREXIT" design and hit the hit with it exactly the nerve of the time.