...grown up in the mid 80s, I have the feeling that everything was possible then...

A handful of good friends that I spent every day with for years. It feels like an endless summer, full of horny memories! Always on the road, always busy. The first parties, the first girlfriend, the first beer.
An attitude towards life influenced by the Simpsons, Snoop Dogg and the Fresh Prince. Baggie jeans, hoodies, and sneakers were our daily uniform... We were the greatest!

What a great time!

But as life goes, we too grew older and more mature. My best friends moved away and most of the time swapped their hoody for a suit. Once or twice a year we still meet... laughing about old times... and how awesome it would be to turn back time. "back in the days."

When we founded J.Clay in 2017, we wanted to take back a piece of that freedom. Not just for us, but for everyone who thinks and feels the way we do. For all who are still kids in their minds. For all those who sit together with their old friends once a year and celebrate the old times.