Socken FAQ´s

With our Sock FAQ's we try to answer most questions about our socks. If you still have questions about the topic, please contact us via our contact form. We are happy to be able to help you further.

My shoe size varies between two sizes listed here, which sock size is right for me?

Generally speaking, all our socks are very flexible and adapt to the foot after a few minutes. It is best to ask yourself if you would prefer to wear the socks a little longer or not. If so then take the larger size.

My feet are bigger/ smaller than the sizes listed here, can I still buy the socks?

Our socks are very flexible and fit very well even if your feet are a little too big or too small. For example, if you have size 51 EU, you should have no problems with size XL (50).

How do I wash J.Clay socks?

Socks should always be washed at 30-40 degrees so that they last as long as possible. A higher setting, such as 60 degrees can break the fibres even if you don't notice it immediately.

How do I wash white socks from J. Clay?

White socks should always be washed with other white textiles, otherwise they can get a grey haze.

How does the colour get on the socks?

Our socks are knitted with coloured cotton yarn and not dyed afterwards. This has the advantage that the colour does not fade after a few washes.

Are printed socks also available?

At the moment we do not offer printed socks at J.Clay. The reason is that printed socks lose their colour quickly and are made of a high percentage of synthetic fibres. A high percentage of synthetic fibres causes the feet to sweat faster.

What material are J.Clay socks made of?

J.Clay socks are made of 77-80% cotton and 23-20% synthetic fibres. This mix of materials ensures a more pleasant wearing comfort and a perfect hold.

Are there also 100% cotton socks?

Socks made of 100% cotton are possible, but would constantly slip off the foot, as cotton is not elastic in itself. Our crew socks are therefore made of 80% cotton and 20% synthetic fibres which give the sock the necessary elasticity to fit the foot comfortably.

Is it possible to sweat in J. Clay's socks?

Every person is different, but we have minimized the risk of sweaty feet by using a high percentage of cotton.

What types of socks are available from J.Clay?

J.Clay currently offers 2 types of socks. On the one hand our half high crew socks. On the other hand our footies or also called Invisible Socks.

What are crew socks?

J.Clay crew socks, are half-height socks with a ribbed shank. Ourcrew socks are available in thin and terry. The difference between thin crew socks and terry socks is that terry socks are reinforced in the toe, sole and heel, making the sock thicker.

Was sind Füßlinge oder Invisible Socken?

J.Clay Füßlinge sind sehr kurze Socken die beim Anziehen des Schuhs, im Schuh verschwinden und nicht mehr zu sehen sind. Daher werden sie auch Invisible Socks (unsichtbare Socken) genannt. Unsere Füßlinge sind sehr dünn und habe 3 Siliconstreifen in der Innenferse damit sie nicht herunterrutschen.

Are the footies/ Invisible socks also suitable for men?

Our footies (short socks) and crew socks (long socks) are unisex and can therefore be worn by men and women.

Are J. Clay socks real sports socks?

J.Clay Crew Socks can be compared with classic tennis socks and are also suitable for sports because of their very good hold. Various customers use our socks as skate socks, trekking socks, tennis socks, in the gym or as running socks.

If you have further questions about our socks, contact us via our contact form.